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Abramson & Rand, LLC

A full-service law firm located in Howard County, Maryland. 

  Servicing  all Counties in Maryland

Practicing Family Law for 30+ years

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Welcome to Abramson & Rand, LLC

The attorneys at Abramson & Rand, LLC, have more than 60 years combined experience providing high-quality professional legal services. Abramson & Rand concentrates on all aspects of family law matters, including complex and high asset divorces, civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal matters. You can be certain that we will provide you with the personal and individualized attention only available at a small firm, while also possessing the experience, man power, and legal expertise of a large firm. Located in Columbia, Maryland, we practice in all surrounding counties and throughout the State of Maryland.


Serving Howard County and Maryland for 20+ years

When you need an attorney

Experience Matters!

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"I was in a tremendous divorce and custody battle with my ex for years. I had to withstand arrogance, and outright stupidity from my former lawyers until I met Chris. He, along with his staff, has done nothing but support and defend me through this entire process. For once in this case, I wasn't left to wonder what was going on, his staff along with Chris himself kept me updated the entire time. Now after being with him for no more than a year, I have sole legal custody of all 3 of my kids. I recommend him to all of our friends and family, no matter the type of case. He is always welcoming to every client and case. If you need help with anything at all, Chris is your man!!!"


Anonymous  - Avvo Review - January/2022

Abramson & Rand, LLC 

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Abramson & Rand, LLC

6851 Oak Hall Lane, Suite 305

Columbia, MD 21045
p: (410) 730-7733
f: (410) 792-4694

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