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The decision to adopt a child is perhaps one of the biggest and most life altering decisions a person will ever make. The attorneys at Abramson and Rand, LLC are available to help you navigate this important process.

There are two types of adoptions: open adoptions and closed adoptions. 

What is an open adoption?

An open adoption is a mechanism by which a biological parent can have contact with the biological child even after the child has been adopted into a new family. Maryland permits open adoptions if post adoption contact is in the child’s best interest.

What is a closed adoption?

A closed adoption is a situation where the biological parent surrenders all rights to legal parents, and his/her identity will not be available to the child.

Can a biological parent ever revoke his/her consent for adoption?

Yes—a biological parent may revoke his/her consent to an adoption within thirty days of signing consent for any reason, unless certain very narrow circumstances exist.

After 30 days, however, a parent typically cannot revoke consent to an adoption. The exception to this is if the biological parent can prove that fraud, duress, mistake, coercion, or misrepresentation in consenting to the adoption exists.

Can a mother consent to an adoption before the child is born?

No—in Maryland, a mother cannot consent to an adoption before the child is born. The consent for adoption must be given after the child is born. 

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